Marine insurance:
Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance provides insurance cover for all types of goods during carriage. This insurance includes purely transport procedures with all, including changing, modes of transport, as well as any reloading and transport-related interim storage that may be necessary.


Own-account transport (retail and production companies)

Insurance of cargo, transportation carried out by own staff and with own conveyance transport for company purposes only, i.e. the transported goods are not destined for any third party and are can be insured. The goods carried have to be the property of the company or be purchased, rented, made, generated, obtained, processed or maintained by the company.


Vehicle contents insurance (e.g. installation businesses etc.)

Goods of all kinds are insured during carriage by the business’s own, rented or leased vehicles to customers, workshops, building sites or to other collection and delivery locations in Germany.




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