Marine insurance:
Hull insurance

Hull and machinery insurance (blue water)

Sea vessels are insured against total loss and partial damage (caused by risks at sea), disappearance, official decrees or piracy.


Hull and machinery insurance for inland crafts (brown water)

Hull insurance of commercially used inland waterway vessels.


Shipbuilding risk insurance

The construction of new ships including all components is insured during the construction and trials phase up to handover to the client. If third parties suffer a loss due to the new construction or if damage is caused in the shipyard, this is also insured.


Repair insurance

The shipyard’s liability in accordance with its dock and repair conditions for damage to ships being repaired or maintained in the shipyard is insured. Losses caused by the repair services provided by the shipyard are also insured.


Hulls of land vehicles insurance

Insurance of land vehicles (e.g. railway, tram or other special vehicles) that cannot be insured under vehicle insurance.


Hull insurance for pleasure crafts

Water sport hull insurance offers insurance cover for water sport vessels.






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