Marine insurance:
Special types

(Selection of the most common classes)

Exhibition insurance

In addition to the stay during the exhibition, transports to an exhibition, return transport and the associated storage are insured. Items that can be insured are exhibition goods of all types, including works of art (see works of art insurance) with the appropriate security equipment, plus the stand and stand equipment.


Luggage insurance

During the insured journey, the policyholder’s and accompanying relatives’ luggage is insured. This includes in particular clothing, travel items, jewellery, souvenirs and many more.


Musical instrument insurance

Within the scope of all-risks cover, musical instruments described in more detail can be insured at home, on journeys and during use.


Valuables insurance

Valuable items (e.g. cash, valuable papers and documents, precious metals and jeweller’s goods) are insured during carriage by freight drivers or their accompaniment. There is insurance cover against transport and storage risks.




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