Marine insurance

 Marine insurance was the origin of our activity and has not lost any significance in over 100 years.


On land, on water, in the air – goods are transported everywhere. Unfortunately, the damage that can occur is just as varied as these transports.


In most cases, marine insurance then helps. Our experts will offer you insurance solutions tailored especially to your risk, including the following types:
Cargo insurance, hull insurance, carrier’s liability insurance and special types.

If a claim occurs, this means not only an enormous disruption to ongoing operations, but also considerable administrative effort. So it is better that things do not get this far at all. A great deal of damage can actually be prevented in advance – "by taking loss prevention"-measures. Our experts will be pleased to help you.


But if the “worst case” actually does come about, our employees in the claims department will be ready to assist. They will support with the processing, engage any other experts that may be required and ensure the claim is settled as quickly as possible. They will also push through any claims recoveries to keep the claim ratio as low as possible.







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