Global. Local. Optimal.

You don’t have to be a global player to accompany your customers across all borders.


As a pure marine insurance broker originally, international business is nothing new for us. We have worked with insurance companies and institutions from around the world for decades. And we have cooperated for just as long with foreign brokers, which are among the leading firms in their respective countries. In this manner we can accompany our customers on their way to globalisation, because controlling and conducting international programmes and specific knowledge of foreign markets have always been part of our activities.


Our independence allows us the freedom to take our own decisions when selecting our local co-brokers. At the same time, it secures the advantage of flexibility, thus giving us the necessary scope to take any opportunities and connections that arise immediately in the interest of our customers.


Active worldwide:

•  Due to international customers decades of experience in foreign business

•  Network of co-brokers in all important industrial countries

•  Direct cooperation with local specialists

•  Handling international programmes with central and decentral focal points



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