Risk analysis
We have long outgrown a purely brokerage role.
Finding out our customer’s specific and very individual needs in a risk analysis worked out together is always the beginning. We take a great deal of time over this.



Consulting & conception
We think consulting should be just as individual as the client.
The core of our clientele has always been the efficient Mittelstand. This fact has kept us flexible and has always prevented us from thinking in schematic solutions. Because Mittelstand companies are too different to do that. Every customer needs a concept tailored to them here. And that’s what they get – which is one of our basic principles.



Policy optimisation
Insurance policies also need care and attention.
Technical and business changes often have far-reaching consequences for our customers’ insurance needs. So that no disadvantages arise from these, we keep insurance policies up-to-date together with the customer. We regularly review insurance policies together to identify optimisation possibilities. If changes to the law make an adjustment to insurance protection necessary, we will inform you about this and prepare appropriate update proposals.



Personal advice
Personal advice creates trust.
Implementing the results of the analysis in a concept fit for the company and then in reality is a question of specialist support that goes into the individual circumstances. This includes a high degree of identification with the company supported by the advisor and just as high a degree of trust from the company. Neither emerge from one day to the next. To do this requires one more, directly derived basic principle. Personal advice and the associated continuity. Every one of our customers has their direct contact, who knows every procedure, knows about everything and looks after everything – and that continuously and without diversions.



Claim processing
We will support our customers in the event of a claim as a matter of course.
Our service doesn’t end when our customers’ worries start. Regardless of whether property damage or liability losses are concerned. The employees in our claims department are available to our customers with all their expertise and experience and will accompany claims processing up to final settlement.





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