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of insurance

Criminals move with the times too


„Modern” criminals no longer draw a pistol and shout “your money or your life“. Today’s criminals take a much more „elegant“ approach. They act in the shadows and have long set their sights on your company!


Don’t believe it?
Do you store, process or administer sensitive data (personal data or other confidential data about customers, employees, patients or contractual partners)?
Do you control or manage important procedures with IT/web support?
Then it’s highly likely someone is trying to damage your company right now.


German criminal statistics count 60,000 victims every year – with a rising trend. As a responsible businessperson your task has to be clear – manage the security risks in your information and technology landscape. Now!

Good reasons for GBH Cyber Protect

  • Cyber crime is the fastest growing area of crime worldwide.
  • Data are one of your most important assets, but are not insured or only insured in fragments through conventional insurance.
  • Smoothly functioning IT systems are essential to the success of your business. But traditional business interruption insurance doesn’t cover cyber-related business interruptions.
  • Data and information are becoming increasingly valuable. Your company can be held responsible for the loss of third party data. Retailers face serious penalties for losing credit card data.
  • Your image is your company’s capital. Unauthorised access to your social media accounts or the loss of sensitive customer data can cause considerable damage to your reputation.
  • Portable disk drives multiply the risk of a loss of data or even theft. The increasing use of smartphones and cloud applications provide an additional target for cyber criminals.



GBH Cyber Protect will ensure your company will continue to be able to act and stay profitable in the following areas:


Cyber Liability
Checking claims, protecting against unjustified claims and satisfying justified claims


Cyber First Party Loss
Recovery costs in the event of the loss of or damage to data and programs; lost profit and extra costs in the event of cyber-related business interruption


Cyber Costs
Ancillary costs in the event of loss including IT forensics, informing those affected by a data protection breach, crisis management, legal advice, PR advice





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