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Friday afternoon. Operations oriented on offset and digital printing, logistics and digital media are like a beehive. The pre-press prepares data for the weekend, administration is planning the upcoming shift operations, last urgent consignments should be sent using a special warehousing concept. But then suddenly everything comes to a standstill. The central server seems to have gone down. Neither restarting nor any other recovery attempts help. But the company’s work is completely server-based – a total standstill threatens ...


„Our“ print and media businesses aren’t under any pressure!


The printing technologies used vary from business to business, as does the paper produced and with it, the possible risks or damage. Buildings or machinery can be damaged, risks such as fires or explosion can threaten, production can be forced to stop due to flooding – the list can go on and on. The instinctive precautionary measures taken by many companies. They take out an uncontrolled collection of insurance policies that prove to be highly inappropriate in an emergency.


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In the GBH MediaPolicy® we offer an
insurance package especially tailored to the print
and media sector.
It combines an efficient, individual range and offers cost-optimised security.

Developed in close cooperation with trade associations and experts from the sector


Further benefits:

•    Taking over complete insurance management
•    Free-of-charge surveying of current insurance values
•    New value indemnification without deducting “new for old”
•    Taking over express surcharges for spare part supply and wage supplements for working on Sundays or public holidays.
•    Selecting expert assessors by mutual consent
•    Underinsurance waivert





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