Die GBH MittelstandPlus-Policy

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Cast iron security
As an executive, what causes you the most headaches every day? To stay successful you constantly strive for improvements. You look for executives, negotiate financing models, tinker with innovations, develop new strategies to maximise profit and similar. Even the most modern SMEs often neglect just one issue: insurance.


Do you rely on conventional solutions in the area of property insurance? This means there haven’t been any innovations in this area in your company. The result? All your policies carry with them reports, supplements, checks and billing, in addition to different conditions. A huge amount of time, control and costs! Not to mention the danger of losing sight of things. Whether there really is sufficient insurance cover for a specific claim becomes a lottery. Which is why we waive complete underinsurance among others.


StadtwerkePlus Zitat

Don’t gamble with the security of your company.
Rely on our proven concept instead
„GBH Mittelstand Plus Policy!

Michael Börger
Managing Partner

Our concept provides the following benefits:


Cost benefits
• Minimal processing and control effort frees capacities
• Waiver of annual value surcharges
• No billing of provision


Qualitative benefits
• Maximum indemnifications instead of insurance sums
• Complete waiver of underinsurance
• One set of conditions for all risks
• Low liability risk for legal representatives
• High totals for all important cost items


Administrative benefits
• Only one policy and one premium bill
• No multitude of supplementary documents with bills and checking effort
• No record forms for provision and business interruption insurance







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