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To keep you excellently supplied: the MunicipalUtilityPlus Policy


Admittedly, it should be hot in a sauna. But when a guest in a water park put their towel on the sauna oven and forgot it there the heat rose unbearably. The entire facility burned down in the resulting fire. As the operator of the pool, the municipal utility saw several thousand euros go up in smoke. Another municipal utility had bad luck with the weather. A storm took almost the entire roof off. Water damage at the water supplier; what an irony! The population of another town had less reason to laugh. Lightning struck a substation, the transformer exploded and, after a few voltage fluctuations, the power was cut off. At end consumers’ appliances were broken and the machinery stopped at some companies – and the lawsuits arrived at the service provider...

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Our contribution:
while you concentrate on energy, leisure or transport,
we’ll supply the right insurance concept.

Claas Mengers
Managing Partner

Do citizens know the variety of tasks covered by a municipal utility? It doesn’t just supply energy and drinking water. Often, it also operates facilities such as swimming pools and local public transport. Including renewable energies in the existing mix is one of the greatest challenges of the near future. In this respect, we see ourselves obliged to stand by “our” municipal utilities with contemporary products, close support and quick settlement. In the case of the sauna fire mentioned above, our employee was on site within 45 minutes. The smooth settlement of the claim began within three days. And that’s what it’s all about. So you are free to carry out your tasks as a utility provider!


Why us? In the GBH MunicipalUtilityPlus Policy we present a
concept especially tailored to the needs of individual utility providers.
As a result, we are able to insure not only classic risks, such as damage caused by fire,
mains water, storm and hail,but can also extend cover individually.
By impact damage to transformer facilities and street-lighting,
weather-related damage to overhead cables and electricity pylons and much more.
Customers can also rely on our lean administration and exemplary risk management.







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