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GBH Retail Policy

You don’t have to go back in time to tell tales about adventurous trade routes. It’s enough to take a look at Singapore’s coast, where a large fashion chain’s new collection is sinking into the sea. Its designs soak up every drop of water, while the truck is on fire. So if you just produce in front of your own door you can count your blessings? As if. What use are short pathways if the warehouse door gets stuck? The cry for help dies away unheard – a digger has cut the line. Maybe this silence is preferable to calls from furious customers – who can ignore threatened lawsuits for compensation due to missed delivery dates?  


Probably retailers that are insured! The problem here is that policies for different risks mostly originate from different insurers.



StadtwerkePlus Zitat

The GBH Retail Policy combines complete
retailer cover in one policy.
And that reliably in the balance sheet at the sales price!

How does the GBH Retail Policy ensure our retailers’ seasons don’t fall flat?


You have to keep constantly on the move in retail. On land, water or in the air. Time is money, especially in this sector.

Admittedly, we can’t prevent a disaster either. But we can ensure your business restarts quickly and replace the lost profit thanks to the GBH Retail Policy. To do this, we have developed an easily managed product that combines all transport, material damage and liability risks that could threaten a retail company in one policy.




StadtwerkePlus Zitat

Whether you take individual components or an overall package
the GBH Retail Policy has been ideally conceived for the needs of
retail companies.




•   Just one insurance policy
•   One contact
•   One insurance company
•   All relevant risks insured
•   Quick claim settlement
•   No loss of time

•   Indemnification generally possible at the sales price/balance sheet certainty
•   No underinsurance
•   Transports and storage are insured against “all-risks”
•   Software insurance integrated all-inclusive
•   Losses caused by natural hazards are included
•   Contractual penalties included


Act now – we’ll be pleased to present you the benefits of our GBH Retail Policy in person. With 13 locations nationwide and over 220 employees, we are not seen as one of Germany’s leading, owner managed brokers for nothing.

Our personal support, especially in the event of a claim, stands for what has distinguished us for over 100 years-customer proximity.






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