Goods wagon liability insurance

The liability basis for the holders of goods wagons centrally is the local legal provisions in the relevant countries, the regulations in accordance with rental agreements and, with reference to the use of goods wagons as a means of carriage by railway companies, the provisions of the “General German Contract for the use of Goods Wagons (AVV)”.


Among others, the AVV deals with liability for damage caused by a wagon (Chapter VI) and also liability for staff and other persons (Chapter VII). At the same time, culpability liability of the holder combined with a liability exemption in favour of the railway company used is cemented.

(Liability) insurance cover is granted to the wagon holder if a claim is made against the holder by a third party for a loss event during the effectiveness of the insurance that results in the following. The death of, injury to or health impairment of people (personal injury), or damage to or the destruction of property (loss of property) on the basis of legal liability provisions under private law.


  • High insurance sums for personal injury and loss of property, supplemented by additional excess solutions, if applicable.
  • Modified insurance cover for claims made abroad.
  • Environmental liability insurance in modified form (also as malfunction cover).
  • With insurance of liability risks in the event of the technical administration of third party wagons and/or assuming an ECM function ("Entity in Charge of Maintenance") in the event of administering goods wagons for third parties.
  • Confirmation of insurance in accordance with the German Railway Liability Regulation (EBHaftPflV).







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